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Welcome to Resolution Yoga & Ayurveda!

Using Yoga and Ayurvedic techniques tailored specifically to your individual needs at any given time, you'll discover an abundance of health & happiness in your life! Let me be your guide in assisting you to learn ways to better care for yourself, naturally.

My approach for preventative care includes recognizing the stages of disease, and then detecting & correcting imbalances before problems arise. This is not a quick fix to treat symtoms; rather we soothe symptoms as we treat the root cause of the problem. The purpose is to focus on you, the full individual, empowering you to promote balance in the vital energies that can bring you to a state of Vibrant Health!

Yoga is a key practice for optimum health, enabling the body’s own healing power through movement, breath, and mindfulness.  Yoga is one of the myriad tools of Ayurveda, which teaches us to understand ourselves as part of nature.  In this context, we can use things like food & spices, herbs, daily routines, aromas, detoxification therapies, yoga, music, sleep routines, and nature therapy to restore balance and health.

Aren’t you ready to create a more vibrant and healthy life, naturally?


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Healing Life Yoga Retreat Set for July 2014!

Come to an oasis in the desert for 5 days / 4 nights of yoga, self discovery, relaxation, creativity, fellowship, massage, great food, and more!
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Now Accepting Ayurvedic Consultations

Get great health through lifestyle and diet. Learn how to care for yourself naturally!
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